dreams never die

dreams never die

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Child labour is the worst thing that INDIAN society is facing today.Children are supposed to be the AVTAR of god.Instead of pensil and books in hand they have showel and hammers in their hand.They are loosing their childhood.There are so many laws that were made to stop child labour but the situation still remains the same.
                                                                                      Government made plans in which they provide free education to children and they are not able to study because they even don`t have basic necessities like food and shelter.And the worst part of the child labour is that they got cheated and don`t get enough money for their work and thing like poverty and hunger leads them to become criminals that is again is bad for us.
                              we have to help them.This is not done by not giving them work but helping them in every possible manner.we can finance their study and can provide food to them.If one family will take responsiblity of one child i think we can somewhat control the situation.This is the only way to stop child labour.Everyone talk about them but no one want do anything.I urge from people to do something for them.
                              In the end i just want to say that help INDIA to stop child labour its a monsterous crime to snatch childhood from the innocent children.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Its make me really sad that where are we going and what happened to the people of our country.We are hitting axe on our own leg by polluting rivers.Ancient civilization like the Harappa Civilization and the Mohenjo-Daro Civilization are supposed to evolute near the bank of river.If we pollute rivers at the same rate a day come will when there is a end of our civilization.What makes me more sad is that people polluting rivers in the name of customs and tradition made by stupid people.What`s the meaning of flowing the remains of dead people or whole body in river .It might going to help the dead by but definitely not us.It not only pollute the river but it also harms our natural beauty.Our Ganga whose water we consider is the purest of all and can make us free from all our sins is no longer pure.Scientifically speaking Ganga contain two bacteriophages the virus that kills bacteria and due to this reason water always been in good form.Now Ganga is considered to be the dirtiest river in the world.The river start getting polluting right at source.And yamuna whose water at times was crystal clear and blue in colour.now one of the dirtiest river especially near our capital which dump 58% of its wastes in the river.we have to think about this. If we stop doing this India will be a better place.And it also increase our tourism.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


                                                  Population and Corruption

 These are the two big problems that India is facing today and with these two things we  can`t even think of development.Population which keeps on growing every year by a huge amount.Every issue that our society faces is link with chains.Each issue is connected with one another either directly or indirectly and illiteracy is the mother of all issues.One reason of increasing population is illiteracy.Government had implemented so many plans to remove illiteracy but condition remains the same.The reason is that these plans are not implemented in right manner as it has to be.The money raised by the government went to pockets of some corrupt  politicians and this is not he good thing for our country and its future.when i see little kids begging around the streets,railway stations and bus stands its quite painful.

                                               I know poor people can`t afford education,even they don`t have the food to eat.But its up to us and our government to do something for them.To make special programs for them and most importantly implement them honestly.To write and read about them not going to help them we must do something for them.
Other thing that i want to talk about is corruption.It harms the nation very badly and deeply.we have to stop it and this can only be done by changing ourself.If we stop bribing for our work and our wrong deed we can change our nation a bit.I am aware of the situation that,it is very difficult to work honestly as it takes a lot of time in our system like courts and police stations and at one time you got fed up and take shortcut.This is going to harm our nation only.Why we want to go abroad for jobs and studying?Its simple because for the better life and which we are not getting here.why we are not making a India a better place for living and make our nation count in developed counties.this can only be done by stopping these type of activities.
                                                                  If we make this happen we`ll proud ourselves.so we have to put this thing in vision that we have to make our country a better place so that people from other nation come here for jobs and better life.